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How To Choose a Custom Table Cover

October 28th, 2015

It can be hard figuring out what type of table cover to purchase. With so many choices, it can seem overwhelming. We have good news! Customizing your table cover can be done in 3 easy steps. Let us help!

Step 1: Choose Your Style of Table Cover

It’s important to match the right style of table cover to your venue. Seamless table covers offer different benefits than adjustable table covers or fitted table covers. It might be helpful to consider the type of event you’ll be attending.

Are you an individual looking for a wedding table banner to add that personalized touch to your dream day, or do you work for a company and need a branded table cover with your logo for an upcoming trade show?

Step 2: Choose Your Table Cover Fabric

Fabric is a major determinant of what type of table cover you will need. We offer 3 types of fabrics: poly poplin (good), knit polyester (better), and flame retardant knit polyester (best). The type of fabric you choose for your table cover should be determined by the environment in which your table cover will be displayed. Note that some styles of table cover don’t come in all fabric options. For example, stretch table covers are only available in knit polyester.

Polyester Poplin

Poly poplin is a strong fabric that will withstand seasonal wear. Polyester poplin is wrinkle resistant, and as such, drapes well over tables to create an aesthetically pleasing table cover.

Knit Polyester

Knit polyester is our most popular fabric because the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and manageable. Knit polyester is light weight and easy to transport. Knit polyester table covers also offer high-impact print visibility, which will increase the quality of your table cover.

Keep in mind, many trade show exhibitions require flame-retardant table covers. This is why we advise using flame-retardant knit polyester. Using flame-retardant knit polyester allows you to have the highest quality and safest fabric. If you’re not sure if an event will require flame-retardant table covers, it’s a safe decision to include it.

Step 3: Choose Your Color of Table Cover

Table cover

After you figure out your venue and decide which style of table cover you want, it’s time to choose your colors. It’s critical to choose a color that grabs the attention of your audience, while clearly highlighting your message or brand. Ask yourself how you want your audience to feel, to think… and to act when they see your table cover.

You can create a custom table cover to incorporate multiple colors, fonts and images, or have one with a simple design and minimal color and font.

Notice how the plain blue background, single image and short phrase of this polyester table cover relays one idea to its audience: The Knights.

Need more help in customizing your table cover? Give one of our table cover experts a call at #800-537-0463 or get a free proof!

Customized Table Covers for Resellers

February 5th, 2015

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and other distribution partners are known for having limited marketing capabilities and resources at their disposal. Many don’t employ full-time marketing staff and find it hard to have the bandwidth necessary for delivering a coherent image at trade shows.

You, as a manufacturer, can help your VARS by ordering pre-made customized table covers (at volume discounts). This will ensure on-brand consistency and ensure that your VARS are delivering a coordinated visual statement that will get attention when getting attention matters most—at competitive venues like trade shows and exhibits.

Table Throw with Logo Done Right

Table Throw with LogoColor can speak volumes about your company—make sure it’s properly supporting your company across your entire channel. Leatrice Eiseman, color consultant and director of the Pantone Color Institute says, “Humans have a psychological, physiological, and associational response to color, which is so engrained in the human psyche that we respond to color without overtly knowing we’ve had a reaction.” So before you order a quantity of table throws with logo, we suggest you consider the right placement and size of the logo—or logos. The general rule is to give prominence relative to each partner’s contribution. And, of course, select exactly the right color.

See options for table throw with logo now. And enjoy price breaks when ordering quantities of 6, 24, and 50.

Co-Branding Down to Table Drape with Logo

January 2nd, 2015

So you and another company want to join forces at an upcoming trade show to enhance each of your marketing reach and meet prospects you may not be able to meet individually. Great idea. As you’re trying to get your head around how to best promote two logos, two color schemes and different brand identifiers, let us offer you these suggestions when ordering your table drape with logo.

First, consider how prominent to make each logo on your branded table covers based on who is the primary and secondary contributor. For instance when retailer, Sephora and not-for-profit Operation Smile teamed up for a joint marketing program in which a percentage of proceeds for a Sephora lip balm went to the charity, the product carried the logo of both but Sephora’s brand was more prominent.

Table Drape with LogoAnother guide is to determine whose brand is more recognizable in the market niche you’re trying to go after and choose their color on your table drapes with logo and be sure to choose a complimentary color to this color elsewhere in your booth. Because “color” can be a magnet that draws attendees into your exhibit space; in fact, color can also be a non-verbal way of leading attendees through your booth and the key areas of interest.

Whatever yours, and your partner’s commonality, remember to really call attention to it and how it directly adds value to your shared prospects. This way the partnership delivers more than just attractive promotion but financial results too.

Shop now for your branded table covers.

Custom Table Runners for Cross Promotion

December 15th, 2014

Have you thought about the opportunity for cross promotion at your next trade show? And what about using custom table runners to promote the cross promotion?

Cross promotion can take on many forms like when we see the judges on American Idol drink from prominently placed Coca-Cola cups to advertise Coke or when two brands share ingredients like Kellogg Pop-tarts with Smucker’s fruit.

In the case of cross-promoting your product or service with another at a trade show, you might try the three ideas we offer below. But, once you decide on your best approach, consider how you are going to visually tie the cross promotion together. We suggest a brightly colored table runner with logo on counter spaces or draped on tables to call more attention to the two brands and the joint promotion. Choose from our 14 available colors to really draw the attention of attendees. Color consultant, Leatrice Eiseman, says “Color is an attention-getting tool – it’s often the first thing the eye sees when it looks at an object.” Don’t miss choosing the right color for better success. You may even want to print two additional custom table runners to place on the wall of both booths.

Custom Table Runner

When to Use Table Runner with Logo

As promised, here are some cross promotion ideas:

  1. Run a joint promotion requiring attendees to visit both booths and complete demos in each booth before receiving a certain giveaway.
  2. Co-brand a temporarily available product that an attendee can only learn more about at one booth and order or receive it at the partnering booth.
  3. Or another idea is to have you, and your marketing partner, share the same booth space and promote your joint product or service to prospects right there and then.


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Earth-Friendly Printed Table Cloths

July 31st, 2014

Table-Covers is proud to produce printed table runners and printed tablecloths that hit the mark, but don’t leave a mark on the environment. As an industry leader, we have taken positive steps towards a sustainable printing system—one that uses fewer resources, discards fewer toxins and better protects people’s health.

Instead of using solvent-based or UV inks that have VOCs, we use water-based inks that are free of VOCs and have been certified by the OEKO-TEX® 100 and the ECO-passport systems. Today, even high-end printers like Benjamin Moore offer no-VOC interior paint. They understand what their customers’ want; as we do too and that’s why we offer earth-friendly tablecloth art and printed table cloths. Similar also to Benjamin Moore, our customers don’t have to compromise quality. Sure UV inks have great colorfastness, but our inks, and the dye sublimation printing technique that we use, produce far brighter and a higher clarity of print colors.

Tablecloth Art without a Price

Large Table Cover with Logo

Additionally, a large percentage of our printed table cloths are made from 100% polyester, which is a recycled fabric that can be melted down and turned into yarn or fleece after the use of tablecloth art has past.

We also recycle the paper used during our printing process. Our print process is heat transferable meaning that we print on paper then apply heat to transfer an image onto fabric. All the paper that we consume during this heat transfer process to make printed table runners and printed table cloths is also recycled.

The environmentally sound processes noted above are why Table-Covers products are growing in popularity. You too, will notice the difference when working with an environmentally conscious company who’s also a printing veteran. Contact us for a quote today.

Truly Unique Logo Table Cloths

July 17th, 2014

Companies are always looking for new ways to get the most out of the events that they exhibit at and sponsor. Some are choosing to go with smaller booth space allowing them to spend more money on cool booth designs and games. Another strategy, many of our customers are taking advantage of, is high-fidelity color printing. They know that our society is evolving into a “visual” society, and feel that they must use every element of their show design—including producing their logo table cloths and table covers for events to visually pull in and engage attendees.

Six-Color Table Covers for Events

Our high-fidelity color printing or expanded gamut six-color printing goes beyond the four-color process of CMYK by adding a fifth and sixth color, which results in crisper and more colorful images while also accommodating table cover with logo spot colors beautifully.

Example of Logo Table Cover
Use of the extra colors make all colors more accurate: where the “red” color of coke is exact and the “orange” in Home Depot is consistent, and the color “black” is true to its name.

Innovation in Table Covers

Significant innovation continues to help the industry evolve. The latest printer and ink technologies, combined with more environmentally sound processes are helping Table-cover’s products grow in popularity. Thanks to new and maturing technologies, such as high-fidelity printing, there’s never been a better time to be in the fabric printing industry—or a better time to produce truly unique, and one-of-a-kind logo table cloths and event table covers.

Example of Table Cover with LogoSix-color printing is the way to go if you want your logo table cloths to really pop and be especially vibrant. Why not ask for a quote for table cover with logo today.

Exhibit Table Covers in Demand

July 3rd, 2014

True to analyst’s predictions, 2014 is shaping up to be a strong year for business table covers and exhibit table covers. Consumer confidence has come back from the recession and companies (especially the large brands) are spending again on advertising and marketing—resulting in Table-Covers having our two strongest months ever!

We love seeing the new momentum and applications of our products—and the reinforcement that in-person, face-to-face meetings are still important even in the age of electronic connection.

Business Table Cover

From blog post on Social Spark

Business Trade Show Trends

The latest meeting and trade show trends that we are seeing focus around engaging with attendees and prospective customers in more meaningful ways. For example:

Show Design – is now being driven by assessing desired customer engagement, and what the show “experience” should be so target audiences will find it rewarding. Even exhibit table covers are chosen to best support this.

Social Media – is reinforcing the trend toward targeted communications not only before and post show or event, but for community building and gaining loyal followers throughout the year.

SEO – is another example of strengthening customer engagement by utilizing the right keywords to not only drive qualified traffic to one’s next exhibit but also to use Google and the search engines as a marketing communications platform. A platform, in which, one drives the right and targeted awareness to an upcoming event schedule.

We applaud all the new creative ways to support deeper customer engagements. In addition to our business table covers and exhibit table covers, we also supply clients with other products like our retractable banners and feather flags.

For as long as trade shows and business meetings provide unique opportunities to develop face-to-face interaction and further engage customers, we’ll be here offering the latest in business table covers and exhibit table covers.


Reconfigure Your Booth with Table Drapes

December 31st, 2013

As experts say,  it’s a good practice to check and ensure that the power supply and Internet Wi-Fi is working in your booth before you begin uncrating your display. Because you will have to change locations and reconfigure your booth layout on the fly if the problem can’t be fixed.

To avoid panicking about having to reconfigure your booth from scratch, we suggest you think through, and document how your layout can work in both a smaller (and a larger) booth space. This exercise can be done during your slower trade show months and can be a fun, creative process. And it will help you be better prepared, which every trade show manager strives to be.

Booth Layout Exercise

As you’re thinking about traffic patterns and ways to break up your display for smaller booths and expand it for larger booth areas, think about flexibility…

Designing and printing multiple table drapes for 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. tables will give you great flexibility. Ordering 4-sided table drapes instead of 3-sided table throws will also help you work with an odd and different size table.
Another reaTape measure for table drapesson to have multiple table drapes at your disposal is this: If you’re attending a multi-day show, it’s a good idea to cover your display areas with cloth table drapes. By leaving nothing exposed in your booth, you won’t be tempting someone to steal it.

A Trade Show Training To Do

December 18th, 2013

Ask any trade show manager, and they’ll agree there are more logistics and details to running a successful show exhibit than any other marketing project or campaign. For many, it’s the sheer number of tasks that make the effort so challenging. For others, it’s spending too much time in the weeds—and losing sight of company’s bigger goals and objectives that worry them.

If you can relate, we suggest that you add the following To Do to your trade show training checklist. It will remind you to plan for the best attendee experience—not only a booth that looks good and functions well.

Role-Play Best Attendee Interaction

Trade Show Training

Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience


Besides booth personnel training on what staff should wear; how they should identify your target audience—and how to avoid wasting time with those who aren’t your target audience, have them play act ideal interaction with attendees. Have them practice:

  • Greeting attendee warmly and with a smile
  • Making good eye contact
  • Striking up a conversation
  • Listening to them and responding rather than being too pushy

Then have them, in your trade show training, walk around the booth and assess whether an inviting impression is being made by your displays, table covers and graphics. Table covers are the easiest—and least expensive way to make your booth more inviting, whereby enabling more opportunities for good interaction with attendees.

Best Trade Show Booth Location

December 6th, 2013

What’s better? More expensive trade show booth space for higher foot traffic OR cheaper trade show booths and driving traffic to your booth? With more than 30 years in the industry, we have learned a few things. And, one is the knowledge that while trade show booth location is important, it’s more important to have a warm and inviting booth and strong company identity.

We’re not denying that high traffic areas are sought after and higher traffic can translate into a higher number of potential leads and sales. What we’re saying is there are more things to consider when selecting your trade show booth location. Let us explain below:

You would think that exhibit entrances and exits would be a great location for a trade show booth, right? Unfortunately, they aren’t because of being too crowded and because people are usually distracted as they walk by. Instead, it’s better to select a booth location where you can:

  • Hold conversations with prospects and customers without having to yell
  • Have some distance from key competitors or overly large booth that will surely be dynamic
  • Possibly get some foot traffic to show seminars
  • Create an open booth design where displays and display tables won’t obstruct access and invite visitors in

After you select locatioLogo Table Covern based on the above suggestions, think about ways to have a strong company identity. Trade show table covers are a great way to get your logo seen from a distance. Use full color print table banners or table runners. Also think about adding good-quality trade show table covers on counters that hold your wide-screen TVs.

Another idea that can make your company’s name and logo stand out is to have a private label snack and offer them in your trade show booth. They are actually inexpensive and word-of-mouth will travel fast through the exhibit hall alerting hungry trade show guests they can grab a bag of chips, pretzels, candies, or other snacks from your booth.