Disposable Plastic Table Covers

When you only need a table cover for a single event, there are a couple things to keep in mind. You still want the quality of a reusable table cover, but you don’t want to spend the money you would on something you’d use a couple times. That’s why Table-Cover is proud to present the disposable table cover.

The disposable table cover is offered in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to coordinate your table cover with the event or display it will be featured in. The size of our disposable table cover is also ideal because it will cover both a six and eight foot folding or banquet table, at 54x108.

Although the disposable plastic table cover is specifically designed for a single use, with some care it can be used again. However, you should not count on this table cover to be easily reusable, like other table covers that we offer.

Earth Friendly

We are excited to say that we also have a biodegradable and compostable version of our disposable plastic table cover. At this time, we offer a white table cover in the standard 54x108 size. The special plastic that we use in this earth friendly table cover is designed to be broken down by the microbes found in a landfill.

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Suggestions for Use

The disposable table cover is a perfect solution to problems at several different types of events:

  • Celebrations
    • Birthdays, reunions and special events that happen infrequently are great times to have a disposable plastic table cover on hand. Especially celebrations with young children and easy spills!
  • Food Service
    • When it doesn’t need to be reused, the disposable table cover can make clean-up quicker than it’s ever been before!