Poly Poplin Table Covers

Poly Poplin Tablecloths are Durable and Easy to Maintain

Poly poplin table covers are a great choice for any indoor or outdoor trade show or event due to the many positive qualities, including:  

  • Durability

  • Wrinkle resistance

  • Stain resistance

  • Quick drying

  • Easy Ironing

What is poly poplin? Poly Poplin refers to polyester fabric with a poplin weave. Polyester is a synthetic resin that can be made into multiple manufactured products and has been around since the 1950’s. These days polyester fabrics are used extensively in home furnishings, bedding, clothing, insulation and many other applications. Poplin references a type of weave used in fabrics. A poplin weave can be visualized as a simple over then under pattern, resulting in a simple texture and light weight fabric that is good for warmer weather. Poplin fabrics also tend to have a silky smooth feel due to the lack of texture in the weave.

Polyester Poplin Tablecloth Details

The reason polyester poplin works great for table covers and tablecloths is because it’s durable, looks professional, and it’s easy to maintain. The durable nature of this fabric provides a heavy drape, and will be able to withstand the abuse of a trade show circuit which may include bad weather, spills, and wear and tear.  Additionally, poly poplin table covers are a great economical choice,  providing an amazing long-term value for a durable and great looking table cover.  

Poly Poplin Table Cover Styles

Our poly poplin table cover fabric is offered in multiple different styles. Please select from:

  • Seamless Table Covers  look smooth and professional due to the fact they are created with one piece of fabric as opposed to multiple parts being stitched together.  

  • Table Drapes are easy to use! Simply drape over the table and allow it to hang freely.

  • Fitted Table Covers are designed to snugly slide over a table which eliminates loose material.   

  • Table Banners only cover the top and front of your table, thus keeping the back and sides open.

  • Table Throws cover the front, top, and sides, while allowing open back access for items stored underneath.