Vinyl Table Covers

For outdoor venues or challenging environments, a vinyl table cover is the way to go. Vinyl is also the fabric of choice for food and beverage service and demonstrations. Digitally printed images can look great and we offer unlimited print colors. Feel free to order all over print or front panel print for a finished look.

With Velcro Tabs

Understanding that vinyl table covers can be fairly stiff, we make sure seam ends are open and held together with Velcro tabs. The construction allows easy handling for storage by just flipping up and rolling sides.   

 Need 6 ft or 8 ft cover?  

Another Option

Another option is to order a custom knit polyester table cover and a clear vinyl table protector. This way you don't have to protect the top of your table and easily wipe clean. Another advantage is that they are easily replaceable without having to purchase an entirely new fabric table cover.