Table Cover Art Guidelines

Vector vs. Bitmap art and image size for table covers

Small Gif Example
1" X 1", 6kb, 72 pixels per inch

Enlarged GIF Example Outline Exmaple Full Color Outline Example

The normal image size on our table covers is 24" X 48". We can print larger when required but there would be an additional charge. Many times we will get art like that to the left. This is a low resolution .gif file. It may have been copied from a web site, used for inter office memos or stationary. This is bitmap art. Bitmap art can have many file extensions, .gif, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg, .psd, .eps are some of the most popular. Programs like Adobe PhotoShop are used to create bitmap art. Enlarged GIF Example

While a low resolution file will display nicely on your computer monitor when you start to enlarge it to the size we need for table covers there will be problems. Left is that same .gif file enlarged only 4 times. The edges are getting steppy, or jagged because bitmap art is described in your computer as pixels, or square dots that make up the design. When the design is enlarged, the pixels enlarge and you begin to see the "jaggies" appear.

This is an extreme example, and certainly bitmap art can be used for many large designs, but the key is size and resolution. If you can only send a bitmap file try to send one that is at least 5" X 10" and 600 pixels per inch. This will be a file that is about 18M, or 18,000kb. Files this large are best sent to our FTP site, call for login and pasword information.

Outline Exmaple

Another way to create an art file is called vector art. In this design the objects are described in your computer as outlines rather than pixels. When these files are scaled up to any size, there is no loss of edge quality. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and FreeHand are some programs that are used to create vector art. There is no easy push button way to create vector art from bitmap art. If all you have available is bitmap, we will have to re-draw it, we do charge for this service, but you can have a copy of the new file if you want it. Full Color Outline Example

When vector art is colored, the shape is simply filled in with the proper PMS (Pantone Matching System) color and you have a file that can be printed at any size and always look crisp and clean. Pantone Color Chart.

Even better, a full sized (24" X 48" for table covers) vector art file will still only be around 2 - 4 M, a nice small file, easy to email.

We hope this discussion will help you get the best looking table covers possible. If you have questions please contact us.

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