Submitting Art for Table Covers and Retractable Banner Stands

Set Up Your Document

Illustrator Document SetupGive your file a name that is easy to associate with your job.
For retractable banners make your design to size, 31" X 80", or 43" X 80" image area. (If your design bleeds, add at least 1/4"of background color on all four sides, outside the image area)
For table covers, Table Cover print size specs.

RGB color mode will yield brighter colors, CMYK is usually better for skin tones and muted colors.

Illustrator Document Setup

Specify PMS numbers
Select the text or shape to be filled then Windows>Swatch Libraries>Pantone Solid Coated Select a color from the Pantone window or type in a PMS number to be placed into the swatch pallet. Built colors are a solid square, spot colors have a white corner, PMS colors have a black dot in the white corner.

Pantone Swatch LibraryPMS PalletSwatches

Outline The Fonts
Select the text, go to Type > Create Outlines.
This step avoids problems with font compatibility and availability.
Text Outlined Text

Placing Bitmap Files

Use this step if your file contains any bitmap images.
Tiff (.tif), EPS (.eps) Large file, JPEG. (.jpg) Not recommended
Images should be at least 125 dpi.
for more information on working with bitmap images see color space guidelines on the Photoshop page.
We prefer that you embed any bitmap images.
Select the image, then Window>Links, right arrow gets list, Embed Image
Linking Images Embed Images
Image is Embeded


Saving The File

Select "scale strokes and effects". Edit >Preferences>General> Scale strokes and effects.
To save files with placed images, embed the images. Window>Links>"name of image">embed image
Images, eps, or tiff, should be at least 125 dpi at full size.
Save as Native Illustrator document (.ail)
Name the file with your company name and date, (, or your order number.


Name file with company name and date, or order number.
Colors in RGB format.
All text converted to outlines
When laying out the design, make sure graphics and text are not close to the edges allow at least 1.25" to edges of a banner.

Our art staff is available for questions or they can be hired to produce or adjust layouts for you.