Table Cover Sizes

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Select The Right Table Cover Size for Your Needs

We have multiple tablecloth sizes to choose from depending on the size of your display table. We also offer many different table cover styles and table cover fabrics to select from, allowing you a full range of customizable tablecloth options.

Choose Your Table Cover Size

The standard sizes for display tables are 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, with 6ft being the most common at trade shows.

4 Foot Table Cover

4 foot table covers fit folding tables with standard dimensions of 48” long, 36” high, by 24” wide.

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6 Foot Table Cover

6 foot table covers cover rectangular utility tables with standard 6’ dimensions of 72” long, 29” high, by 30” wide.

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8 Foot Table Cover

8 foot table covers will cover display tables with standard 8’ dimensions of 96” long, 29” high, by 30” wide

8 foot table cover - image 1 - optimized.png

  • We also offer an adjustable table cover that can accommodate both 6 ft. and 8 ft. tables if you need more flexibility.

Note: Tables are sometimes adjustable in height (22 inches, 29 inches & 36 inches). If you need further assistance determining the proper size, please contact us.

Choose Your Table Cover Style

The following styles are available in 4 ft, 6 ft. and 8 ft. lengths. Each style page lists the fabric(s) and colors that are available, and you can request a free proof.

  • Fitted table covers have straight seamed corners that create a form fitting look.
  • Table banners only cover the top and front of your table, but not the sides.
  • Table throws are a perfect choice for accessing items under the table, as they are 3-sided and only cover the front, top, and sides.
  • Stretch table covers stretch to fit snug over tables, creating a fitted look.
  • Seamless table covers are one piece of fabric and not different parts sewn together, thus creating a great look.
  • Table drapes are loosely fitted covers that hang over the table, allowing you to display your brand on them.
  • Blank Table Covers add color to an otherwise plain table when logo’s and branding are unnecessary.


Choose Your Table Cover Fabric

A majority of our clients prefer polyester due to its wrinkle resistant and lightweight nature. Depending on the table cover style you select, we offer the following fabric options:

  • Knit Polyester: Easy to maintain, stretchable and wrinkle resistant.
  • FR Knit Polyester: Very popular, fire retardant, wrinkle resistant, rich colors. Four sided and three sided options. Some trade shows and events require that your booth materials be fire resistant.
  • Outdoor fabrics: Durable materials that works great for the outdoors and food and drink displays. Four sided and three sided options.
  • Poly Poplin: Wrinkle resistant and durable.

Choose Number of Table Cover Sides

Depending on the style and fabric selected you may have the option to choose a 4 sided table cover to cover the whole table, or a 3 sided table cover to keep the back open and accessible, allowing you to access items under the table.

Still not sure what the right tablecloth size is for you? Contact us and one of our table cover experts will help guide you.