8 Foot Table Covers & Tablecloths

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Create a Positive Impression at Trade Shows & Events

Eight foot table covers can help you spice up the look of a simple display table. Applying an 8 foot tablecloth to a large utility table will convert it into something eye catching that will improve your appearance at a trade show, wedding or special event.

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8 Foot Table Cover Details 

8 foot table covers will easy fit over display tables with standard 8’ dimensions of 96” long, 30” high, by 30” wide. Our 8 foot tablecloths are cut to 29 inches high which eliminates the tablecloth from touching the ground and getting dirty. 

If you need a display table that is smaller then 8 ft, we have more table cover sizes to choose from, including 4 foot table covers and 6 foot table covers.

Note: Tables are sometimes adjustable in height (22 inches, 29 inches & 36 inches ) If you need further assistance determining the proper size, please contact us.

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Table Cover Styles

We have 8 foot table covers in multiple different styles. To personalize the look and feel of your display table, choose from the following:

  • Seamless table drapes are one of our most popular choices, because they are one solid piece of fabric instead of different parts sewn together, which creates an elegant look.
  • Table throws are 3-sided. They leave the back open for access to materials under the table, while covering the top and sides with your colors and branding.
  • Table drapes hang freely with a relaxed look, but can still be customized with your colors and messaging.
  • Stretch table covers create a solid appearance due to the tight fit which eliminates loose material from hanging freely.
  • Fitted table covers gives your display a tailor-made appearance due to their straight seamed corners.
  • Blank table covers are perfect when branding is not necessary but you want to add color and respectability to your display.
  • Table banners are favorable if you only want to cover the top and front of your table, but not the sides.


Table Cover Materials

Not all fabrics are offered for every style, so depending on the table cover style you select, our 8 foot table cover fabric options include:

  • FR Knit Polyester is our most popular tablecloth because it is fire retardant, wrinkle resistant, and maintains vibrant colors. 4-sided and 3-sided options available.
  • Outdoor fabrics work great for the outdoors, and food and drink displays. 4-sided and 3-sided options.
  • Poly poplin is wrinkle free while also being highly durable.