Three Sided Table Covers

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Three Sided Table Cover Options

A three sided table cover is an open back table cover, meaning only the top, front, and sides are covered, leaving the back open for easy access to items stored under the table. 3 sided table cloths are the perfect choice for events when accessing products, materials, or items underneath the table will be a frequent occurrence. Additionally, the open back allows you to comfortably sit behind the table without the tablecloth getting in the way. If you need a table cover that covers every side, we recommend our four sided table covers

Our three sided table covers are not offered in all styles and fabrics, select from the options below to create a 3-sided tablecloth that best fits your needs.

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Three Sided Table Cover Styles

  • Fitted table covers are a great choice due to their straight seamed corners. The straight seams create an elegant display.
  • Table throws are open back table covers. The 3-sided table cover is ideal for accessing items under the table, as they only cover the front, top, and sides.
  • Table drapes are a great way to add color and a logo while the drape hangs loosely over the table.

Three Sided Tablecloth Sizes

Our 3-sided table cloths are available in sizes ranging from 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft.

Note: Tables are sometimes adjustable in height (22 inches, 29 inches & 36 inches ) If you need further assistance determining the proper size, please contact us.

Three sided Table Cover Materials

Depending on the table cover style you select, three sided table covers have multiple fabric options, including:

  • Knit Polyester: A wrinkle resistant fabric that is both durable and stretchable.
  • FR Knit Polyester: This fabric maintains its wrinkle resistant, durable, and stretchable characteristics, while also being fire retardant.
  • Outdoor Fabrics: Fabrics that are durable and weather resistant, making them great for the outdoors.
  • Poly Poplin: Soft wrinkle resistant fabric that drapes well.