Table Skirts

Why display a cheap, boring rented table skirt when you can easily have your own personalized table skirt and use it over and over again? Join the customers who choose a personalized skirt. 


FR Knit Polyester

Custom Table Skirts

Table Skirt Highlights

  • Offers more brand visibility
  • Fits both 6 ft and 8 ft tables
  • Contrasting/complementary color schemes
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Table Skirts Offer Great Brand Visibility

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review (and sponsored by British Airways) revealed that 95 percent of respondents believed that in-person business meetings were a key factor in successfully building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Another recent study conducted by Forbes Insights, a research division of Forbes Media, found that 84 percent of execs prefer in-person, face-to-face business meetings over web conferences, video conferences, or teleconferences.

Considering how important in-person business meetings are and will continue to be its no wonder that table skirts are in demand. When one travels by car, train or plane to attend a companies’ meeting, event or conference, they expect certain things: They expect to be professionally greeted and made to feel welcomed and valued for their time. A table skirt can help a business create a great first impression and provide the promotional medium to communicate something important about one’s brand or product.

Through Table Cover, customers can purchase ONE branded table skirt that comfortably fits both a 6 ft and 8 ft tables for added use. Moreover, our logo table skirts ensure that the design is prominently displayed when using either sized table.

Additional Flexibility With Table Skirts

When deciding to cover the top of the table too, you can easily use a “topper” with your business table skirt. A topper is a separate piece of fabric cut to fit the top of a table and hang over each side a few inches. Like our other table covers, table toppers are available in any of our fire retardant, knit polyester fabric colors. Having the two materials in contrasting or complimentary colors allows a display to be even more eye-catching and memorable.

Our knit polyester table skirts attaches via special Velcro clips that are designed to fit most business promotional tables from 3/4 to 2 inches thick.
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